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Bunion Surgery with NO VISIBLE SCARS!


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What's Causes Them?
Deciding on Surgery


  Surgery for Bunions
Once the decision that conservative measures are not the solution, surgical correction can represent a fulfilling experience. However, as a patient contemplating bunion surgery you are no given the task of the selecting the right surgeon.  

Bunion surgery is considered highly successful and proven for the reduction of pain and disfigurement. Thus many insurance companies cover this procedure.





Notice the scars on top of the foot. Most surgeons use the "top" of the foot (or dorsal) incision approach for bunion and hammertoe correction.




Dr. Lee utilizes a Restorative Foot SurgeryTM technique which hides the scar from the top view.



Surgery performed by Dr. Lee

Note the absent of visible scars on the foot and the appropriate amount of angular correction. This results in a cosmetically appealing result as well as restoration of joint function.





Technical Considerations

Before surgery:



After surgery:


Surgical training and technique does vary considerably from surgeon to surgeon. A common question asked by patients is, "How do I know whether the doctor is doing the right thing?"

Though, a difficult questions to answer, the performance of the bunion surgery should consider four factors:

  • Cosmetic appeal.
  • Correction for joint mechanics.
  • Allow for Ambulation. 
  • Minimal injury and pain.

Cosmetic Appeal: 

  • Will I see the incision after the surgery?
  • Are the stitches dissolvable or do they need to be removed?
  • Does the screw or implant have to be removed later on?

Cosmetic incisions involves hidden placement of incision, small gauge dissolvable sutures and use of low-injury techniques. Proper placement and technique should produce minimal scar visibility and size.

Correction for joint mechanics:

The specific type of procedure should correct for joint mechanical malfunctions. Otherwise, jamming in the joint, slow return to activities and return of the bunion will occur. 

Allow for Ambulation:

If possible, the surgical correction should allow early resumption of walking.  However, if an extensive bunion correction is performed casting no no bearing of weight may be required.  

Minimal injury and pain:

Is the surgical technique done under minimal injury and are there steps to ensure the post-operative pain is minimized?

Dr. David Lee's bunion surgeries follow all these guidelines and considerations.


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